The Story

Jewily is an industrial design studio and manufacturer. Jewily designs and manufactures a range of jewelry with an aim to pair European craft and ingenuity with an eye toward the future. Jewil’s products are sold in over 64 countries and have been featured in numerous publications.

Jewily was established in late 2014 by Marko Matijasevic. Jewily is now based in Serbia, Novi Sad and manufacturing is done in China under strict rules and regulations in order to produce highest quality products.

Inspiration in past & present

We are about respecting the past, yielding to the present and looking forward to the future. We know the fashions of past decades will always find a way to eventually repeat. We look for the core element, the true essence of those times and with it we create something entirely new for today and tomorrow.

Where the Magic Happens

Today’s technology. Timeless craft.

We are neither designing for technology or taking a stand against technology. We believe the new tools at our disposal further empower us to create and communicate but are not an end unto themselves. Every product and venture we undertake is a marriage of technology and hand craft. We bear a responsibility to create timeless pieces that last.

If you have something to ask us or to give us some suggestions, please feel free at any time to do that.